Founded in 1987, Allegheny Petroleum is an industry leader with four large manufacturing facilities nationwide. 

Among the long list of product offerings, ALTRA stands out as Allegheny’s flagship line of oils and lubricants for fleet and passenger vehicles as well as industrial machines. ALTRA lubricants are designed to provide maximum protection, performance, and productivity in harsh operating environments. Allegheny can also offer private label services for companies that want to sell lubricants under their own brand name. Additionally, if a client cannot find the right product in Allegheny’s product line, the company provides contract management and toll blending services to create custom lubricant formulations tailored to the client’s specific needs and equipment.


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Lubricant & Fuel Additives

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If you aren’t sure what product is best for you, our knowledgeable sales group will help you identify the best products to fit your needs.  We also are able to custom blend to your unique specifications.