Automotive Lubricants

These fluids are blended to exceed industry standards for the latest API categories.  They include premium motor oils formulated to enhance fuel economy by reducing friction and wear, power steering fluids to provide protection against wear, corrosion and oxidation and transmission fluids that provide smooth shifting, oxidation stability and superior friction durability.

Heavy Duty Diesel

These fluids offer corrosion and oxidation protection, wear protection and excellent soot handling.  They prevent filter plugging and sludge formation, improve fuel economy, containment handling and extend equipment life.

Military Approved Fluids

Allegheny Petroleum began providing mil-spec products in 2007.  These lubricants are formulated to meet the requirements of government contractors, Army and Navy as well as commercial companies requiring mil-spec products.  We are an approved manufacturing facility for the blending and packaging of military engine oils and are approved to re-blend a variety of certified oils.

Aftermarket Lubricants

A variety of additives sold to customers who blend and bottle for the retail industry.

Synthetic Fluids

Industrial oils, automotive gear oils, passenger car motor oils and heavy duty diesel fluids blended with synthetic base stocks.

Metalworking Fluids

These fluids include soluble oils, cutting oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic, rust preventatives and cleaners in applications such as stamping, turning, cutting and grinding steels, drilling and milling.


We stock all types including lithium complex, lithium soap, polyurea, calcium sulfonate, aluminum complex and molybdenum.

Environmentally Friendly Fluids

These fluids are formulated from renewable agriculture plant resources.  These products have exceptional benefits over petroleum-based lubricants when there is direct danger to polluting the air, water, soil or work environment through loss of the lubricants.

Lubricant Additives

A variety of additives including viscosity modifiers, PCMO, HDD, ATF, gear and industrial additives to boost performance.

Industrial Lubricants

This category has many subcategories including:

Hydraulic oils

These oils ensure machinery runs smoothly with the correct type and viscosity grade for the application.

Gear oils

These oils protect bearings and gears subjected to heavy loading.

Fire resistant fluids

These fluids provide improved fire resistance while protecting equipment under severe service conditions.

Circulating oils

Circulating oils lubricate oil-film bearings on back-up rolls in metal rolling mills.

Compressor oils

This is an oil formulated for use in rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating compressors to protect against wear, rust and corrosion.

Way lubricants

This type of fluid eliminates stick-slip or table chatter by reducing friction between mating surfaces.

Steam cylinder oils

This fluid provides adhesion and lubrication under the wet conditions encountered with saturated steam.

Spindle oils

Spindle oils are used for the lubrication of high speed spindles, high precision machine tools and sensitive equipment including precision lathes, jig borers and tracer mechanisms.

Concrete form oils

A non-staining oil to provide excellent parting characteristics when concrete forms are removed.

Paper machine oils

An anti-wear fluid developed to meet the requirements of high output hydraulic systems and paper machines.

Heat transfer oils

These oils are mineral type oils for use in secondary or indirect heating systems.  The heat is absorbed quickly and is transferred to the material or fluid requiring heat.

Tractor hydraulic oils

This fluid provides excellent extreme pressure protection for maximum gear life and capacity for wet brakes and power take off clutches, excellent wet brake noise suppression and filterability characteristics.

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